my first post…

i really dont have any idea for this first post. so i just copy paste my message in friendster to my old classmate that i sent to her 5 minutes ago….

i am crying seeing your profile… you have reach your childhood dreams, but i have neither… my english is still awful, yeah… i had forgotten that language for a while… but recently i woke up and tell myself to keep my dreams come true… i am happy to see your pictures… those motivate me to get a better life… life in this country as a labor with small amount of salary is so hard… now i try my luck in cyberworld… even if it takes much money i have… but need to try… make money from internet, have you join it?… try to type ‘best wisdom’ in google, you’ll find my blog, maybe at the 10th to 12th position… you can compare with another sites that listed in there… some my tags are not in english, so you will find it easily… i just learning SEO, i have not monetize my blog, but i  now i make a plan to get the best result, at least now my blog appears in high position, oh yeah.. you also may try this keyword: ‘life motivation’ and ‘motivation stories’ , these also work well for my blog! but dont be disapointed, that just my testing blog to test my SEO performance, you cant find my pictures there, if it works well, then i will start to make real blogs that monetized, so i can left my daywork and being full time in internet marketing… i believe that is the way for me to reach my dreams… i cant find another way better than internet marketing… wish me luck rina! just by chance i found your profile. recently i am being a freak blogger that playing with keywords and search engine, i type anything that good as niche market, and when i am bored, i found anything that appear in my brain to be typed in google. and two hours ago your name appears… and your name is still in the top, looks like nobody has the same name like you, you are a unique just like your name! you used to dont like to make up, but you are still beautiful in your own way. you are open minded, like soccer, rock music, etc. most of your friends were men, isnt it?
maybe by this message we can manage to keep in touch. you inspire me and wake me up from my dumb life! do you have any    IM? what chat media that u use? but i dont have much time to chat, maybe only in sunday. i just use operamini on my phone that let me connected to internet, but it dont like in PC screen, but its okay for me. i plan to buy my own PC next month, but i still cant pay the bill for internet ISP, so i will just make it to write an planning anything…

this is the clues about me:
1. read the title: i used to be bald! you used to say i am a skinhead!
2. i hate when ‘bobby’ throw up, cause he made our table wet! disguisting…
3. i was the winner of ‘pen soccer competition’ in our class
4. i like to sing when the teacher didnt get in class.
5. i got a better rank than you
6. your favorite radio program was NIGHTMARE ON THE AIR. wasn’t it? (this is not a clue babe :)
i think i used to love you! LOL… hahaha..

see you next time!

this is her lovely picture:


  1. mspennylane

    Thank you for visiting my blog. Good luck trying to follow your dreams, I will look forward to reading updates about that.

  2. ...

    thanks for commenting…though i have no idea how you found my blog…haha. Anyways, next time you don’t know what to post, just write what you feel even if it’s random…that’s the point of a blog, to write what you feel and either vent or express yourself. By the way, your english isn’t too bad, you don’t live in america i would think.

  3. 1#mspennylane: yes, you are watching by now, i am still learning to earn money from internet. btw, have you monetize your blog? you have great posts in there.
    2#?… thanks for your advice. i am still learning english, i am not perfect, but i hope it could be better by days. btw.. who are you? why you dont leave your link or name? i just jumped from to another blogs. i cant remember your link. please leave your link next time, thx.

  4. leez08

    Thanks for reading my blog…

    Good Luck witht the writing.

  5. Hey!! your English is better than mine. Never give yourself!!! Keep posting!!! I am following you!!!

  6. The best place to start is at the beginning. I wasn’t sure how to begin and what to write the first time I set off on this bogging adventure either. I still sometimes post material from other blogs I find interesting or perhaps relevant to the theme of the weblog I am posting on. I borrow from news articles on topics important to me as well, but I make sure to always credit the original author and publication. Plus, I read a lot of blogs, and a lot of different types of blogs, in order to get some ideas. And anyway, blogging is a riot, a lot of fun. Good luck with your future blogging enjoyment!

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